Child Maintenance in Malaysia

Child Maintenance in Malaysia

We have represented numerous clients pertaining to child maintenance in civil law divorce proceedings:-     Ever wonder who bears the responsibility for the maintenance of a child after divorce and the extent of a child maintenance order? Here is a general guideline on child maintenance in a civil law divorce proceedings. Child maintenance is one Read more about Child Maintenance in Malaysia[…]

The power of WhatsApp as evidence in court

The Power of WhatsApp as Evidence in Court

Ever wonder if WhatsApp messages can be used against a person as evidence in court? How can a person rely on them as evidence in court? Instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and etc are increasingly becoming mainstream communication tools for many SMEs in Malaysia. In fact, the Digital News Report 2017 has Read more about The Power of WhatsApp as Evidence in Court[…]

Personal Data Protection 101 in Malaysia

Personal Data Protection 101

Do you feel like your rights have been violated? We can assist you:-             What is Personal Data Protection Act, how does it protects your personal data and what rights you have as a data subject? The abundance of personal data generated by today’s economy has triggered concerns of data privacy. Read more about Personal Data Protection 101[…]

What is Company Secretary?

Get to Know Your Company Secretary

We have assisted over 200++ customers to start a business in Malaysia. Click the link below to:    Who is eligible to be a company secretary and what are the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary? Once upon a time, company secretaries were merely seen as company administrators[1]. The profession of company secretaries have come a Read more about Get to Know Your Company Secretary[…]

Matrimonial Assets: What happens to your assets in civil law divorce

Matrimonial Assets: What happens to your assets in Civil Law Divorce?

You can use the following link to:       In a divorce case, will both spouses receive an equal share of the matrimonial assets? Read on to find out. The complexities that ensue a divorce more often than not involve the division of matrimonial assets. While divorce procedures for Muslim couples are governed by Read more about Matrimonial Assets: What happens to your assets in Civil Law Divorce?[…]

DNA testing: Whose child is this?

DNA Testing: Whose Child is This?

You can use the following link to:   In a civil case, the court has no power to compel a person to undergo DNA test to prove as to whether a child belongs to them. Let’s have a look on how the court comes to this conclusion.   The Malaysian legal industry has recently been shaken up Read more about DNA Testing: Whose Child is This?[…]

Private Caveats 101

Private Caveats 101

We have assisted numerous clients pertaining to land issues in Malaysia. Use the following link to: What happens when you decide to sell piece of land and found out that the sale cannot proceed due to a private caveat lodged over your land? Read on to find out more about private caveats. A private caveat is a legal Read more about Private Caveats 101[…]

Dying without a will in malaysia

Dying Without a Will in Malaysia

What happens if a person passes on without leaving a valid will? Here, we will learn about how a person’s estate is distributed without a valid will. The law of probate defines a “testator” as a person who has a valid will in place prior to the event of death. A person who dies without Read more about Dying Without a Will in Malaysia[…]

Debt Recovery Part 1 - Obtaining Judgment, Debt Recovery, bankruptcy

Debt Recovery in Malaysia: Part 1 – Obtaining a Judgment

Does someone owe you money? Legally speaking of course. This article can provide you a brief overview on ways you can obtain judgment against your debtors. Debt recovery is a legal process that allows you to recover the debts that are legitimately owed to you by individuals, corporate entities or organisations, i.e. debtors. These debts Read more about Debt Recovery in Malaysia: Part 1 – Obtaining a Judgment[…]

New Homes, Subsale, Property Malaysia

A Guide to New Homes vs Sub-Sale Homes

Buying a new home is an important life decision. Learn about the differences between buying new homes and sub-sale homes before buying your next home! Looking for a property? Fret not! Here’s a guide for you readers who are planning to buy a property, be it a new home or a sub-sale home. DEFINITION A Read more about A Guide to New Homes vs Sub-Sale Homes[…]

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