Judicial Management 101

The court recently had the opportunity to deal with the concept of judicial management. Find out more what is judicial management is, and what it entails from the perspective of a company that is in dire need of a restructuring/ rehabilitation to prevent it from being wound up. It is not uncommon to come upon a Read more about Judicial Management 101[…]

Civil Proceedings in Malaysia: Who Can Represent You in Court?

Need to ask legal question to one of our laywers: General Rule on Representation in Civil Proceedings in Malaysia In civil proceedings, a person has the right to sue in person[1], i.e. in your name however, the same may not apply to other types of legal entities.  Who cannot represent themselves in legal proceedings? Body corporate Under Read more about Civil Proceedings in Malaysia: Who Can Represent You in Court?[…]

The Law on Constructive Dismissal in Malaysia

Need a consultation from our lawyers regarding Constructive Dismissal in Malaysia :   What is constructive dismissal? Scroll down to find out more. Constructive dismissal is a creature created by the courts to aid unjustly dismissed employees who are unjustly dismissed. It is also to protect employers from employees who are bringing an action against them Read more about The Law on Constructive Dismissal in Malaysia[…]

Intellectual Property 101 : Copyright Laws

What can be considered an act that infringes upon copyright laws? Have you ever came across two distinctive work only to realize that they actually look, sound or feel similar? If you have, you are not alone. Chances are, one of the work have copied the other. Simply put, one of the works is an Read more about Intellectual Property 101 : Copyright Laws[…]

Letter Of Demand 101

A letter of demand (‘LOD’) could potentially solve your claim against another. Scroll down to find out more. What is a Letter of Demand (LOD)? A letter of demand (‘LOD’) is a formal letter that a person sends to another, demanding their compliance on certain matters by the receiver of the letter. It is usually Read more about Letter Of Demand 101[…]

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