Judicial Management 101

The court recently had the opportunity to deal with the concept of judicial management. Use the following link to find out more what is judicial management is:    It is not uncommon to come upon a company that is under financial distress, due to the influence of internal and external factors. In order to assist Read more about Judicial Management 101[…]

Online Business Guide for SMEs

Online Business Guide for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Thinking of starting an online business? Below are some quick thoughts on establishing your own online business. In the current digital age, everything can be obtained with a snap of a finger. From obtaining news to cross-border conference calls, everything can easily be done provided you have internet. Buying and selling a product is no Read more about Online Business Guide for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)[…]

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director, Duty of Company Director, Company

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director

Congratulations, you have just been appointed as a director of a company! Now that you are one, ever wonder what can you do and what you can’t? With great power comes great responsibility. Being a company director comes with all the glamour and perks, but so does responsibilities. Let us help you navigate through the Read more about The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director[…]

Winding up 101, Dissolution of Company Malaysia, Company Law

Winding Up 101

Learn about the different types of winding up in Malaysia and the general procedures involved in each type of winding up. Winding up is a term used to describe the process of closing down or dissolving a company. The winding up activity includes selling all assets, paying off creditors, and distributing the remaining assets to Read more about Winding Up 101[…]

Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) License, SME, Retail, Commercial

Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) License

A general overview to the Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) License along with a checklist of the documents you will need for WRT license application. WHAT IS A WRT LICENSE?  A Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) license a business license applicable to foreign-owned company intending to engage in distributive trade services in Malaysia. A foreign-owned company is Read more about Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) License[…]

Statutory Documents post Companies Act 2016

A general observation on the changes made in the statutory documents in the Malaysian Companies Act. The previous Companies Act, i.e. Companies Act 1965 (“the 1965 Act”) was replaced by the current Companies Act 2016 (“the 2016 Act”) which came into force on the 31st of January, 2017. The changes were made to simplify a Read more about Statutory Documents post Companies Act 2016[…]

what is a shareholder, shareholder, shareholders, shareholders agreement, company, incorporation

How to qualify for Audit Exemption in Malaysia? (with Example)

Background of Audit Exemption in Malaysia If you are the owner of a Private Company (Sdn Bhd) you will know exactly how much work is involved in preparing your annual audited report. If you are not aware, please see our article HERE. In short, a Private Company must appoint an auditor for each financial year of Read more about How to qualify for Audit Exemption in Malaysia? (with Example)[…]

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