offer to settle in civil litigation

Offer To Settle in Civil Litigation

We have assisted numerous client pertaining to civil suit :   It is common to see parties bringing a civil suit action against another for a myriad of reasons, which can range from the trivial ones to the more serious matters. An offer to settle offers parties an alternative instead of pursuing the matter in court. Read more about Offer To Settle in Civil Litigation[…]

civil proceedings

Civil Proceedings in Malaysia: Who Can Represent You in Court?

Need to ask legal question to one of our lawyers:   General Rule on Representation in Civil Proceedings in Malaysia In civil proceedings, a person has the right to sue in person[1], i.e. in your name. However, the same may not apply to other types of legal entities. Who cannot represent themselves in legal proceedings? Body corporate Read more about Civil Proceedings in Malaysia: Who Can Represent You in Court?[…]

letter of demand

Letter Of Demand 101

Need help to write a letter of demand :   What is a Letter of Demand (LOD)? A letter of demand (‘LOD’) is a formal letter demanding the sender’s compliance on certain matters by the receiver. Therefore, the need to haul the receiver to contest the matter in court can be avoided. A letter of Read more about Letter Of Demand 101[…]

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