Intellectual Property 101 : Copyright Law

What can be considered an act that infringes upon copyright law? Have you ever came across two distinctive work only to realize that they actually look, sound or feel similar? If you have, you are not alone. Chances are, one of the work have copied the other. That is to say, one of the works Read more about Intellectual Property 101 : Copyright Law[…]


TRADEMARK REGISTRATION: WHAT, WHY & HOW?  HELLO LEGENDS! We recently conducted a sharing session addressing amongst others the distinction between the components of Intellectual Property (“IP”). During the sharing session we discovered that the most relevant part for business owners and entrepreneur was trademark registration. So for this content we will zooming into How to Register Read more about TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN MALAYSIA[…]

Intellectual Property in Malaysia: How to Protect your Brilliant Ideas?

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: WHAT IS IT? First and foremost we would like to congratulate our colleague Rashini Balakrishnan on becoming a certified IP agent! This article originates from a recent discussion we had with some entrepreneurs relating to their upcoming business ventures, we were asked the following: “So, we want to register the Intellectual Property in Malaysia for Read more about Intellectual Property in Malaysia: How to Protect your Brilliant Ideas?[…]

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