Can A Litigant Ask a Court to Determine A Hypothetical Question?

Use the following button for any legal advice from us:    What is an academic/ hypothetical question? It is a question of law which does not affect the outcome of a dispute between the parties in court/ affect the legal rights of a party in dispute1 i.e. it bears no relevance to the parties dispute Read more about Can A Litigant Ask a Court to Determine A Hypothetical Question?[…]

income tax in malaysia

Taxation 101 : Income Tax

The deadline to file your income tax is looming on the horizon. For most of us, this is something tedious but it needs to be done on an annual basis. For others, especially first-timers, this could seem daunting. However, fret not, here is a brief guide on income tax to assist you if you are Read more about Taxation 101 : Income Tax[…]

Consumer Tribunal: The Alternative Forum for Consumers

Consumer Tribunal: The Alternative Forum for Consumers

An alternative method for consumers to file claims against errant sellers. Dispute between a consumer/buyer and a seller/supplier happens on daily basis. In the event of such unfortunate instances, what other recourse does a consumer/buyer has if all attempts to settle the matter amicably has failed? Bringing the matter to court will be one of the Read more about Consumer Tribunal: The Alternative Forum for Consumers[…]

The power of WhatsApp as evidence in court

The Power of WhatsApp as Evidence in Court

Ever wonder if WhatsApp messages can be used against a person as evidence in court? How can a person rely on them as evidence in court? Instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and etc are increasingly becoming mainstream communication tools for many SMEs in Malaysia. In fact, the Digital News Report 2017 has Read more about The Power of WhatsApp as Evidence in Court[…]

Personal Data Protection 101 in Malaysia

Personal Data Protection 101

Do you feel like your rights have been violated? We can assist you:-             What is Personal Data Protection Act, how does it protects your personal data and what rights you have as a data subject? The abundance of personal data generated by today’s economy has triggered concerns of data privacy. Read more about Personal Data Protection 101[…]

What is Company Secretary?

Get to Know Your Company Secretary

We have assisted over 200++ customers to start a business in Malaysia. Click the link below to:    Who is eligible to be a company secretary and what are the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary? Once upon a time, company secretaries were merely seen as company administrators[1]. The profession of company secretaries have come a Read more about Get to Know Your Company Secretary[…]


GE-14:GENERAL ELECTION ON WORK DAY? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! On 10 April 2018, Tan Sri Mohd Hashim bin Abdullah  announced that the 14th General Election will fall on Wednesday, 9th May 2018 which we all know is a work day. This begs the question: “If I need to go to work, How to go and vote?” Worry Read more about GE-14: GENERAL ELECTION FALLS ON WORK DAY? HOW TO GO TO WORK? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS![…]


TRADEMARK REGISTRATION: WHAT, WHY & HOW?  HELLO LEGENDS! We recently conducted a sharing session addressing amongst others the distinction between the components of Intellectual Property (“IP”). During the sharing session we discovered that the most relevant part for business owners and entrepreneur was trademark registration. So for this content we will zooming into How to Register Read more about TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN MALAYSIA[…]

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