Judicial Management 101

The court recently had the opportunity to deal with the concept of judicial management. Find out more what is judicial management is, and what it entails from the perspective of a company that is in dire need of a restructuring/ rehabilitation to prevent it from being wound up. It is not uncommon to come upon a Read more about Judicial Management 101[…]

What is Company Secretary?

Get to Know Your Company Secretary

We have assisted over 200++ customers to start a business in Malaysia. Click the link below to:    Who is eligible to be a company secretary and what are the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary? Once upon a time, company secretaries were merely seen as company administrators[1]. The profession of company secretaries have come a Read more about Get to Know Your Company Secretary[…]

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director, Duty of Company Director, Company

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director

Congratulations, you have just been appointed as a director of a company! Now that you are one, ever wonder what can you do and what you can’t? With great power comes great responsibility. Being a company director comes with all the glamour and perks, but so does responsibilities. Let us help you navigate through the Read more about The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Director[…]

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