Small Claims Procedure in Malaysia, Civil Dispute, Debt Recovery

Small Claims Procedure in Malaysia

Small Claims is an alternate method of asserting one legal rights when the amount claim in a legal dispute is small. What happens when you have a dispute with another party and the sum involved is minimal? Will engaging a lawyer to represent you in court cost more than your actual claim? In Malaysia, there Read more about Small Claims Procedure in Malaysia[…]

Debt Recovery Part 1 - Obtaining Judgment, Debt Recovery, bankruptcy

Debt Recovery in Malaysia: Part 1 – Obtaining a Judgment

Does someone owe you money? Legally speaking of course. This article can provide you a brief overview on ways you can obtain judgment against your debtors. Debt recovery is a legal process that allows you to recover the debts that are legitimately owed to you by individuals, corporate entities or organisations, i.e. debtors. These debts Read more about Debt Recovery in Malaysia: Part 1 – Obtaining a Judgment[…]

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