temporary occupation license

Temporary Occupation License (TOL)

What is Temporary Occupation License (TOL)? Temporary Occupation License (TOL) also known as Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (LPS) is permitted in our National Land Code 1965 (NLC). It is a temporary license granted by the Malaysian state authorities to individuals or companies to occupy certain land. The purpose of Temporary Occupation License is to allow the holder to occupy Read more about Temporary Occupation License (TOL)[…]

What is Adverse Possession?, Land law

What is adverse possession?

What is adverse possession? Adverse possession is a legal term commonly used to describe a person, also known as an illegal squatter, who occupies a piece of land without the knowledge of the rightful landowner and eventually acquire legal ownership of the land through their continuous use and occupation of the land. As such, anyone Read more about What is adverse possession?[…]

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