September 22, 2018

Company Registration Malaysia

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First of all, Private Limited Company a.k.a Sdn Bhd Company is the most common type of entity to start a business because of its limited liability feature. It is best to engage a company secretary registered with CCM Malaysia to incorporate a company for you because of the know-how and to avoid making mistakes.


3 Simple Steps to Incorporate a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia.

The following are 3 easy steps for your to start with the incorporation process:

(1) Request for Quotation;

(2) Provide Relevant Information & Make Payment; and

(3) Fareez Shah & Partners will handle the rest.


Requirement to Incorporate a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia.

The following are the basic requirement to start with the company incorporation process:

(1) Minimum of one (1) person to act as Director & Shareholder (same person allowed).

(2) Director must have a principal place of residence within Malaysia.

(3) Director & Shareholder must be above 18 years old, not a bankrupt and of sound mind


What are the Required Information?

The following are some of the required information and documents to start with the process to incorporate:

(a) Proposed name such as “Light Saber Smith Sdn Bhd” or “Kulim Custom Car Sdn Bhd”;

(b) Principal business activities such as “Motor vehicle workshop” or “e-commerce” ;

(c) Photocopy of all directors’ & shareholders’ I/C or Passport (min 1 person);

(d) Emailing address of each directors’ and shareholders;

(e) Latest proof residential addresses of all directors such as utility bills (if different from Identification);

(f) Paid up capital information;

(g) Percentage and number of shareholding of each shareholders.

Most Importantly CCM Malaysia reserves the discretion to request for additional information and documents.

If you are still unsure, it is highly recommended that you book a consultation session with our trained lawyers. This will enable you to ask questions such as licensing requirements, legal issues and legal agreements.

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