September 25, 2018

Sole Proprietorship Registration (Enterprise)

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How to Start Sole Proprietorship Registration Malaysia?

Important Note: Sole proprietorship registration must be done personally by the owner and cannot be performed by a third party. Although we are not able to provide the service to you, read further and we will guide you on how to start!

Sole Proprietorship Registration in Malaysia a.k.a Enterprise is a form of registration to start a business in Malaysia. Fundamentally, it is the cheapest most easy form of registration and will usually take about 1 hour to register.

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4 Simple Steps for Sole Proprietorship Registration

The following are 4 easy steps for you to start with the registration process:

(1) Go to the nearest Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia/Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM/CCM). It is advisable to bring along some entertainment to kill time.

(2) Request and complete Form PNA.42 and Form A complete it.

(3) Take number, submit form, make payment and wait for +- 1 hour

(4) Collect certificate of registration

The following are full guidelines and forms to download.

Additional Note: It is advisable to ask about registration for EZBIZ account too!

Requirement for Sole Proprietorship Registration in Malaysia.

The following are the basic requirement to start with the registration process:

(1) Maximum of one (1) person to act as owner.

(2) Owner must be Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia.

(3) Owner must be above 18 years old, not a bankrupt and of sound mind

Things to Prepare & Bring along

(1) Come up with at least 3 business names, such as “I am handsome enterprise” or “Fareez Shah Enterprise

(2) Bring a Photocopy of Identification Card

(3) Business owner

(4) Bring exact change (RM70.60)

Now that you know the process for Sole Proprietorship Registration, remember us in your heart for Company Registration Malaysia.

If you are still unsure on the type of business vehicle to start, it is highly recommended that you book a consultation session with our trained lawyers. This will enable you to ask questions such as licensing requirements, legal issues and legal agreements.

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