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Intan Nabilaa Idrus is a highly accomplished professional, currently serving as a Partner at Fareez Shah and Partners in Shah Alam, a law firm nominated as Rising Law Firm of 2017. With a diverse range of qualifications and extensive experience, she has established herself as a trusted expert in the legal and corporate governance fields in Malaysia. Here are some notable details about Intan Nabilaa Idrus:

Education and Professional Designations

  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws): Intan Nabilaa holds an LLB degree, indicating her comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices. This academic background equips her with the necessary knowledge to navigate complex legal issues.
  • Graduate: The Chartered Governance Institute: Intan Nabilaa was admitted as a Graduate by the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) given in London in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Charter of the Institute.
  • FCIS (CS) (CGP) (Fellow Member of The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA)): She was elected and has achieved the distinguished status of a Fellow Member of MAICSA, which recognizes her exceptional expertise and contributions in the field of chartered secretaries and administrators. This designation highlights her deep knowledge of corporate secretarial practices and governance principles.
  • CeIO (Certified Integrity Officer Accreditation Board): Intan Nabilaa is dedicated to instilling integrity and ethical values within professional environments. She was officially accredited as a CeIO by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA). 

Professional Memberships and Registrations:

  • Practicing Bar Council Member: As a practicing member of the Bar Council, Intan Nabilaa demonstrates her legal expertise and commitment to upholding professional standards. Her membership ensures that she stays informed about legal developments and regulations, enabling her to provide valuable advice and guidance to her clients.
  • Registered Company Secretary under the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM): Intan Nabilaa is a registered company secretary under the SSM. This registration affirms her ability to fulfill the role of a company secretary and ensures compliance with corporate regulations.
  • Transparency International- Malaysia (TI-M): Passionate in instilling integrity within the professional environment, Intan is also a member of TI-M. 
  • National Investigation Group (NIG) of MAICSA: Intan Nabilaa was invited to serve as a member of the NIG to contribute her invaluable expertise and experience to further enhance the disciplinary processes of the Institute.


  • MAICSA: Winner of The Young Company Secretary 2023 Awards.
  • CSIA(Corporate Secretaries International Association) Global Governance Awards 2024: Nominated for the prestigious Rising Corporate Secretary for 2024.

As a Partner at Fareez Shah and Partners, Intan Nabilaa contributes her vast knowledge and experience to the firm’s success. Her comprehensive qualifications, including her LLB degree, Fellowship with MAICSA, and recognition as a Chartered Company Secretary and Corporate Governance Professional, demonstrate her dedication to providing top-tier legal and corporate governance services. With her diverse skill set and commitment to professional development, Intan Nabilaa is a highly sought-after professional in the legal and corporate sectors. Some of notable clientele that Intan Nabilaa is serving are as follows:

– MIGHT (The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT))

– VentureTECH

– TAG Marine Sdn Bhd

– MBG Fruits Sdn Bhd

– FBM Crowdtech Sdn Bhd

– Billplz Sdn Bhd

– Pomen Autodata Sdn Bhd

– Ejen2u International Sdn Bhd

– Mymy Payments Malaysia Sdn Bhd

– UITM TechnoVenture Sdn Bhd

– Perbadanan Wakaf Nasional Berhad