Renew SSM Online – Step by Step Guide on Renewing Business Online

Have more questions regarding how to renew SSM online? Need help in renewing or registering your business in SSM?

With the current Covid-19 situation in Malaysia (EMCO, CMCO, MCO…you name it), ever wonder how you can renew your business from the comfort of your home? Well, wonder no more, as we will hold your hands and guide you through the processes of doing so below.

SSM has introduced an online portal (ezBiz) that allows users to do new registration, register changes, terminate and purchase business information.

ezBiz portal – renew SSM online

Register an Online Account

  1. Go to EzBiz website (set up by Companies Commission of Malaysia “CCM”/ Syarikat Suruhanjaya Malaysia “SSM”) at
  2. Sign up (click on the sign up button). The process is as follow:
    1. Filling in the registration information;
    2. Creating an account i.e. login information;
    3. Filling in your personal information, including your residential address and phone number;
    4. Read the two end user agreement (Protocol on E-Lodgement and Terms and Conditions) before ticking on the box; and
    5. Proceed with the next step (by clicking the save button).

Ps: The boxes marked * must be filled with the relevant information, or else you would not be able to click on the save button.

Verifying Your Registration and Account

  1. Go to EzBiz website and login with your account information;
  2. Click on “User Profile” and select “User Verification Request”;
  3. Click on “Add New” and upload the documents below into their respective folder:
    1. A copy of your identification card (both front and back);
    2. A selfie of you holding your IC above your neck (make sure the selfie is clear); and
    3. A copy of either your driving licence/ passport/ birth certificate/ utility bill i.e. electricity or water bill/ official document under your name.

1. This part of the procedure is only valid during MCO period or as long as CCM dictates it to be.
2. Make sure the document uploaded is not over 3MB and must be either in JPEG or PDF format.

Renewing the Business

Renewing the Business  
As the business owner Anyone else other than the business owner
Sign in with your registered account.  
Click on the link “My Business Service”, and subsequently, click on “Renewal By Owners”. Click on the link “My Business Service”, and subsequently, click on “Renewal By Others”.
Select your business that is listed and click the pen symbol under the action tab. Search for the business by filling in the business registration number under the business search bar.
Tick on the compound box if you are paying for any compound.  
Select “Yes” or “No” for (if) you want to download the business information after the renewal process is complete.  
Selection renewal period (up to 5 years). The fees for the renewal business are as follow:

1. Change of business particulars: RM20.00.
2. If your business consists of multiple branches (for change of particulars): RM5.00 per year for each branch.
3. For business renewal:
a. Personal name: RM30.00 per year;
b. Trade name: RM60.00 per year;
c. Branch(s): RM5.00 per year per branch.
4. Business information (if you want to download it): RM10.00.

Pay the relevant fees via credit card or online banking.  

Final Steps to Renew SSM Online

Once your renewal application has been approved and assuming you paid RM10.00 for the business information as mentioned above (you will receive a notification of the approval via email):

  1. Go to EzBiz website and login with your account information;
  2. Click on “My Business Services” and select “Renewal History”;
  3. Click on the application you want to download and click on the pen symbol;
  4. Click on the “Download Certificate” and “Download Business Info” to download the business certificate and business information.

Ps: You have to download both the business certificate and business information within 14 days from the approval.

And there you have it, hopefully, it helps!

Need to know more about how to renew SSM online?

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