Touch n Go Parking Charges, Can they Charge You Extra 10%?

Hello Legends,

So a client asked me this question today, “Fareez, is Touch n Go Parking Charges valid, I don’t recall agreeing to such deduction? Can I sue them to recover all the 10%, I’ve incurred till today?”.

So can Touch n Go Charge You the Extra 10%?

Yes. As part of the Touch n Go Parking-Terms & Conditions, they are entitled to impose the fee. Users who disagree just simply has to stop and instead play the “Where is the autopay machine?” game like the rest of us working class.

Is the Touch n Go Parking Charges Necessary?

From a legal point of view, if you read the Terms & Conditions (see the first paragraph) you will find that the Touch n Go Parking Charges is subject to the parking operator and not so much dependent on Touch n Go. In fact, Touch n Go has a comprehensive list of locations without parking surcharge.

From a practical perspective, Touch n Go is a payment system which means that they charge a service fee for providing the convenience of storing currency and making payment. We don’t think Touch n Go will have a problem getting card owner to continue using the card, but they perhaps have problems convincing parking operator to adopt the card system given the existence of autopay system.

We believe that the end goal for Touch n G0 is to convince the parking operator to do away the autopay system and save cost by using Touch n Go only. Till that day arrives we will still need to pay the Touch n Go Parking Charges.