A 101 Guide On MyAssist MSME For SME

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What is MyAssist MSME?

MyAssist MSME is a government initiative to assist SMEs to obtain information and advisory services to conduct business (especially) post Covid-19. This is done by assisting SMEs in resolving their business-related problems and issues through the provision of business advisory and information, digital marketing opportunities and guidance, technology and business innovation support facilitation, business matching services, and various channels of online initiatives that are linked to implementing agencies under Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA).

The online platform offers various services to SMEs, such as:

  1. Measures to assist SMEs affected by COVID-19 & information related to business needs;
  2. Information on Entrepreneurship and SME development programs;
  3. IMSME, an online referral platform where SME can search for financing/ loan options offered by participating banks;
  4. TEKUN Business Financing Scheme, a scheme that provides loan schemes for companies wholly owned by Bumiputera;
  5. MatchMe, an online business matching service that connects SMEs to Government-linked companies (GLCs), hypermarkets, large companies locally and internationally as well as other SMEs, where SMEs:
    1. Have the opportunity to establish, promote and market their products and services; and
    2. Able to meet receive the relevant information on managing their products and services.
  6. MeetMe, an online business advisory session with SME Corp. Malaysia Business Counsellors to discuss the relevant topics on managing an SME, such as marketing and branding, financing and financial management, HR related matters, import and export, the relevant laws governing that particular SMEs, etc.; and
  7. Soal Usahawan, a series of online pocket talks on entrepreneurs & SMEs, featuring subject matter experts and resourceful speakers, SME Corp, Malaysia’s Business Counsellors as well as inspiring entrepreneurs whereby participants can exchange ideas, share their experiences, and support each other to overcome a particular challenge that is faced by a particular SME.

Who are the parties involved in ensuring that the above services are provided to SMEs?

  • Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) or SME Corporation Malaysia;
  • Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
  • Royal Malaysian Customs Department
  • Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MAGIC)
  • Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)
  • Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Are the services free?

MeetMe, Soal Usahawan and Match Me series is available free of charge. However, there are platforms that charge affordable fees, such as paid Webinar sessions, whereby the charge depends on the organizer. For other services such as Access to Infra, Klinik Usahawan INSKEN, and others, a fee will be charged (subject to the respective service provider).

Can all SME sign up for this initiative?

Yes. However, in order to be eligible to participate in the matching platforms mentioned above, the SME has to have an SME Status Certificate and is wholly owned by a local entity/ individual.

Why is there a need to obtain an SME Status Certificate?

The purpose of the SME Status Certificate is to confirm the size of a firm as an SME. Companies/businesses that have obtained the status are eligible to be considered to participate in programs, as well as to receive assistance and incentives, especially for SMEs. However, it does not give an automatic approval for companies/businesses to participate in programs or to obtain incentives, financial facilities, and others because such facilities and facilitation typically have other eligibility criteria which have to be fulfilled depending on the objectives of the programs.

Where can I find the portal/ obtain the services mentioned above?

Log on to https://myassist-msme.gov.my/en/ to find out more.

We have assisted numerous SME owners with their businesses. Contact us today to book a consultation:

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